Interview with David Perez Negrón, DECA’s Main Developer & Vice-president of Neetsec International

Today, we have the honor to present David Perez Negrón, CTO of Neetsec International Inc and the main developer of the DECA project. David is an expert on blockchain solutions, ERC20 smarts contracts, secure architectures, secure software, decentralized systems and open-source.

In this interview, we put the main questions we received from our community for the last months. Let’s do it!

What makes DECA a semi-stable coin?

The fact that its commodities are ETH and carbon credits back the token up to a certain percentage. Compared to ETH, carbon credit price isn´t volatile. The carbon credit is integrated into the DECA Token by freezing the price once the credit is canceled.

How was the smart contract audit process like?

Not hard, but long. The development took us a lot of time due to changes, tests, and audits. Although the main code is still simple, it was enhanced with a reliable framework and lots of security audits.

Can DECA drop to zero?

Mathematically, if DECA exists and the carbon credits also do, the value will never drop to zero. The lowest static value is the carbon credits registered over the DECA Total Supply. The carbon credits are commodities just like gold, but digital, this gives us the versatility to register them into our decentralized database.

Why are IPFS and OrbitDB so important for DECA?

OrbitDB is an important tool as a decentralized database, we hold specific keys that give us the control to remove or add registries for example. OrbitDB does not only stores our carbon credits database, but also the price mechanism basic variables, this is centralized in the aspect of who writes the data, yet the DECA Currency development intends to decentralize it by using a Proof of Trust (vote by consensus) mechanism.

What do you think makes the DECA project collaborative and free?

The fact that most of the code we develop is released under GPL version 3 and that we understand that great ideas come with great community support. We are a company based project yet we release the development as a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), so that common people can take control of it and its future.

What other projects are you planning to launch after DECA?

I have two projects in mind. The first one is a DECA FORK but for Mexican silver. The second one is a retirement token that helps people to control their retirement since we do not trust banks or governments nowadays; however, DECA is my dream project and I want to spend most of my time on enhancements for its tech.

About DECA

It is time to move from small contributions to big initiatives. This economy opens the benefits of carbon markets, valued at 164 billion USD in 2018, to all people and fights climate change 🌏

DECA ICO is running! For more information visit



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