Interview with David Perez Negrón, DECA’s Main Developer & Vice-president of Neetsec International

Today, we have the honor to present David Perez Negrón, CTO of Neetsec International Inc and the main developer of the DECA project. David is an expert on blockchain solutions, ERC20 smarts contracts, secure architectures, secure software, decentralized systems and open-source.

In this interview, we put the main questions we received from our community for the last months. Let’s do it!

What makes DECA a semi-stable coin?

How was the smart contract audit process like?

Can DECA drop to zero?

Why are IPFS and OrbitDB so important for DECA?

What do you think makes the DECA project collaborative and free?

What other projects are you planning to launch after DECA?

About DECA

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