How to buy DECA, a very simple guide

DECA is a decentralized economy that finally opens the benefits of carbon markets to all people. This project uses carbon credits as a commodity and you can access it immediately by following these steps.

There are two ways to buy DECA by now

The first one is using METAMASK, a browser plugin that works like an Ethereum wallet and installs like any normal plugin. With this extension you can quickly access the purchase of DECA tokens, as long as you have Ethereum to make the purchase (remember that DECA is an ERC-20 token, belonging to the Ethereum network).

You can see the next video to correctly install METAMASK into your browser:

Also, METAMASK now have an amazing and secure app. You can download the official app right here.

Buy DECA using Trust Wallet, by Binance

One of the most popular wallets on the planet is Trust Wallet. This app was created by Binance and has more than 5 million active users. By using it is possible to get DECA tokens by adding the DECA Official Address:


Remember that you must have Ethereum to be able to purchase DECA tokens. To speed up the process, the DECA Team has created the following video so you can buy your DECA’s quickly, safely and efficiently. Always check the Ethereum fees when you make a transaction.

Note: No member of the DECA Team or external person is allowed to request deposits externally or personally. For added security, only purchase DECA using the official address displayed on
Always rely on the options that we present to you in this article and do not share your private data with anyone who requests it privately.




The main cryptocurrency that helps to combat climate change! Audited by @quantstamp Join now at 🌿

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The main cryptocurrency that helps to combat climate change! Audited by @quantstamp Join now at 🌿

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