DECA ICO running until December 29, 2021

Good news always takes time!

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The first decentralized economy based on carbon credits will extend its initial token sale period. This decision is made after long conversations with our main investors and the DECA community, where we seek to reach a higher collection to move forward to achieve the objectives that were planned from the beginning.

As everyone knows, during most of 2020 the world experienced a pandemic that forced lockdowns and quarantines, causing companies to stop their activities. Many corporations and individuals had instability in their income.

With this scenario, the DECA team has scheduled the smart contract to extend the ICO until GMT Wednesday, December the 29th 2021, at 7:14:17
This date has been chosen to allow companies and investors to stabilize their economy.

The ICO extension time will allow DECA’s message to continue to reach our community and more support can be gathered to open up carbon markets to the entire planet. Our decentralized platform will extend the carbon market beyond the control of governments and certain companies.

We want to thank all the people who have acquired DECA’s and supported this technology. Better times are ahead and our goals remain steadfast.

Let’s move on to achieve it!

What has been achieved with DECA this 2020? 😎

- Presentation of DECA at Pitch at the Beach in Tulum, Mexico.
- The DECA smart contract has been audited by Quantstamp.
- We developed a decentralized carbon credit portfolio for open consultation, which is the first decentralized carbon credit portfolio in the world.
- We developed DECAMASK, our web wallet to buy DECA safely.
- Purchase and cancellation of 1,282 carbon credits to integrate them into the DECA smart contract.
- We established a price mechanism to ensure that DECA does not go down to zero, thanks to the carbon credits used as a commodity.
- We launched our Initial Coin Offering in June, 2020.
- Decentralization of the Carbon Credits Backlog page.
- ICO extension until GMT Wednesday, 29 December 2021, at 7:14:17

DECA is an ambitious project seeking to create a decentralized green economy, giving confidence to our investors and decentralizing DECA at a high level. Interest from the crypto markets returned at the end of the year and we aim to take advantage of this move.

What’s next? 🤓

For 2021 there are no pauses and work is being done at speed to achieve the objectives of this project, despite issues such as the pandemic, the economic impact of the quarantine and more.

The DECA team plans to work on the following steps next year:

- Improve the mechanism to finance green projects.
- DECA CO2 measurement to know how much tCO2 represents a DECA token.
- Develop a token governance model for DECA.
- Obtain approval from the Canadian authorities to include DECA in decentralized exchanges (by the end of 2021).

The strategy may change based on market conditions and what our community is asking for.

-The DECA Team.



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