DECA Activity Report Q4 2020

Great efforts to get great results!

This is everything that is happening behind DECA right now 🤓

The last two months have been quite busy for this technology:

Welcome, Oliver!

Programmer Oliver Morris, known for being a developer on Bitcoin and Max Kaiser’s crypto project, has joined DECA to support in the front-end area.

All documentation has been written to introduce the DECA Token to various centralized and decentralized exchanges. Here you can find interesting information to get DECA: how to make the purchase of tokens much easier and show a minimum price.

You can check the complete information here:

DECA Token for Exchanges| by DECA | Nov 2020

The carbon credits backlog page has been decentralized successfully.

To achieve this, the developers have migrated the images from centralized servers to decentralized nodes, using IPFS technology and running the backlog on their own nodes which ensures availability.

The graph that shows, in real-time, the current DECA price has been successfully updated, showing the DECA Price (ETH), DECA Lowest Price (ETH), and the percentage of Carbon credits backup.

See the result on 🌿

DECA will not yet be listed on exchanges in the coming months. This because we need authorization from the Canadian SEC and then the Covid-19 scenario delays the permission. By not doing it this way, we run the risk of being removed from the lists at any time.

We appreciate your patience and consideration to move forward with this eco-green project that opens up the benefits of carbon markets to everyone 🌏 🌿

The first decentralized economy based on carbon credits will extend its initial token sale period. This decision is made after a long conversation with our main investors and the DECA community, where we seek to reach a higher collection to move forward to achieve the objectives planned from the beginning.

As everyone knows, during most of 2020 the world experienced a pandemic that forced lockdowns and quarantines, causing companies to stop their activities. Many corporations and individuals had instability in their income.

With this scenario, the DECA team has scheduled the smart contract to extend the ICO until GMT Wednesday, 29 December 2021, at 7:14:17 This date has been chosen to allow companies and investors to stabilize their economy.

“Currently we are working on a way to trace how much CO2 is holding each DECA using our already distributed Orbit DataBase”.
-David Perez, Neetsec International INC Vice-President.



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