ATTENTION: DECA is not listed on the Binance Smart Chain

Requests for information have recently come to the DECA development team to locate tokens purchased through the Binance Smart Chain related to DECA tokens. The team behind DECA informs that this token is not listed in the Binance Smart Chain or any other centralized blockchain, so it advises that they verify that the smart contract with which they are interacting is the following:

Currently, DECA only supports Ethereum blockchain. Avoid any information that says otherwise.

It is advisable to always review the safe ways to acquire this token. This is because there is no relationship between the tokens supposedly acquired on the Binance Smart Chain and DECA. We have received information about some similarly named tokens that could confuse buyers, so the DECA team has generated a step-by-step publication to acquire DECA safely:

Scams in the world of cryptocurrencies do not rest, so we recommend always checking each step before purchasing DECA. The development team relies on the DECA Official Telegram Channel ( to support, inform and guide anyone interested in DECA, the first decentralized economy based on carbon credits.

Don’t hand over your assets and information without double-checking.

-With love from the DECA developers.


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