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Due to the latest updates to the decentralized Metamask wallet, we recommend that users who have their DECA Tokens in the Decamask wallet move to Metamask for better functionality.

The METAMASK company has constantly updated its services, in addition to launching its application for mobile phones, so its technology is reliable, open and secure enough to recommend it as a safeguard for DECA tokens in the future. We also continue to recommend its use to acquire DECA.

Here is a step-by-step video to migrate DECA tokenks stored in DECAMASK to a METAMASK wallet.

If you have an extra doubt, the DECA team is aware to solve it as soon as possible in our official Telegram channel

Good news always takes time!

For more information go to 🌿

The first decentralized economy based on carbon credits will extend its initial token sale period. This decision is made after long conversations with our main investors and the DECA community, where we seek to reach a higher collection to move forward to achieve the objectives that were planned from the beginning.

As everyone knows, during most of 2020 the world experienced a pandemic that forced lockdowns and quarantines, causing companies to stop their activities. Many corporations and individuals had instability in their income.

With this scenario, the DECA team has scheduled the smart contract to…

Great efforts to get great results!

This is everything that is happening behind DECA right now 🤓

The last two months have been quite busy for this technology:

Welcome, Oliver!

Programmer Oliver Morris, known for being a developer on Bitcoin and Max Kaiser’s crypto project, has joined DECA to support in the front-end area.

A new document to understand DECA adaptation for exchanges

All documentation has been written to introduce the DECA Token to various centralized and decentralized exchanges. Here you can find interesting information to get DECA: how to make the purchase of tokens much easier and show a minimum price.

You can check the complete information here:

In order to reach many more people and access the DECA Token more quickly, the DECA team is working fast to integrate it on Exchanges. This effort responds to the request of several users, investors and members of the DECA community to buy DECA in a more comfortable and faster way. Below, we present all the mathematical and economic information we have worked on to achieve this goal.

Generalities of the DECA Token

The first approach is the creation of DECA Token, which will eventually finance the development of DECA currency.

DECA token is already based on carbon credits, which will be registered before in…

DECA is a decentralized economy that finally opens the benefits of carbon markets to all people. This project uses carbon credits as a commodity and you can access it immediately by following these steps.

There are two ways to buy DECA by now

The first one is using METAMASK, a browser plugin that works like an Ethereum wallet and installs like any normal plugin. With this extension you can quickly access the purchase of DECA tokens, as long as you have Ethereum to make the purchase (remember that DECA is an ERC-20 token, belonging to the Ethereum network).

You can see the next video to correctly install METAMASK into…

Today, we have the honor to present David Perez Negrón, CTO of Neetsec International Inc and the main developer of the DECA project. David is an expert on blockchain solutions, ERC20 smarts contracts, secure architectures, secure software, decentralized systems and open-source.

In this interview, we put the main questions we received from our community for the last months. Let’s do it!

What makes DECA a semi-stable coin?

The fact that its commodities are ETH and carbon credits back the token up to a certain percentage. Compared to ETH, carbon credit price isn´t volatile. …


Since the regular increase of global warming which was caused by the excess emission of carbon dioxide from the industries today. The government has set aside a certain permit that allows industries to release a lesser amount of carbon dioxide into the environment. This permit is called ( carbon credit).
A carbon credit is a tradable permit, that allows any company in the custody of it to emit a measured amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. A certain permit is equal to the emission of one tone…

The objective of this section is to define the methodology to establish the price mechanism of a semi-stable coin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only for educational purposes, we do not promote investment or that, what we explain here is a pure fact.

The objective of this section is to define the methodology to establish the price mechanism of a semi-stable coin. The token has a backup resulting from an Initial Coin Offering and gradually uses this to append a commodity which, in this case, are carbon credits.

Taking the original Fisher Equation M x V = P x Y, we…

Welcome to DECA, a decentralized economy based on carbon credits. Our ICO will start soon and you can #JoinDECA following the next information 🥳

DECA Team is pleased to announce that its ICO will take place on July 8, 2020. The DECA project has been running since November 2019 and is now ready to go on its initial token sale. We are excited to announce that everything is ready for a fundraiser that allows the DECA economy to fully develop, from DECA Token to DECA Currency 🚀

Anyone can join to DECA ICO. The starting date is July 8, and…

The quantity theory of money was one of the most influential theoretical developments to the practice of monetary policy by central banks which states that printing money only leads to inflation and rising prices in the long run.²⁴

The quantity theory of money has its roots in the 18th century (David Hume, Richard Cantillon, John Locke). It states that the price levels of products are determined by the changes in the quantity of money in circulation. Thus, if money becomes abundant, its value falls, and conversely, if money becomes scarce, the value of money increases.²⁵ …


The main cryptocurrency that helps to combat climate change! Audited by @quantstamp Join now at 🌿

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